[itu-sg16] All received meeting documents now posted

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Fri Jan 11 03:25:30 EST 2008



I believe that I have allocated all of the requested AVD numbers, with the
possible exception of one from Juniper: I am seeking clarification.


I know a few had difficulty getting requests to me due to the spam blocking
measures.  I do apologize for that and I believe I've addressed all issues
with those who had trouble.  If you did not receive a reply from me with
your document number, please check this list:



If your document number does not appear, please alert me ASAP by posting
directly to this mailing list.  I will allocate your number within 18 hours.


Please note that the document deadline is January 10 and there are many
still outstanding.  I will try to get all documents processed and posted
within 24 hours after they arrive.  I will check the /incoming directory at
the FTP site, but if you have had success corresponding by e-mail you are
also welcome to e-mail them to me directly.





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