[itu-sg16] Questions for the next study period (2009-2012)

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Jan 11 10:15:11 EST 2008

Dear all,

Please review the following three documents regarding the subject matter:

TD-26 (SG16 management) "Draft proposal for SG 16 Questions in the 
next study period"
   currently http://ftp3.itu.ch/av-arch/avc-site/Incoming/TD-26.doc
   to be moved to 

AVD-3301 (CATR) "Proposed text for new Question 'Multimedia functions 
in NGN and other networks'"

AVD-3375 (ETRI) "Proposal for a new SG 16 Question on USN 
Applications and Services"

Please be ready for discussions on the first day (17 January) and the 
last day (23 January) of the Rapporteur meeting. We will provide 
comments to TD-26 toward SG16 submitting it to WTSA 2008. Once we 
have agreement on AVD-3301 and/or AVD-3375 in Seoul, WP2/16 will 
propose them to SG16 for addition to the set of Questions. We would 
also like to get feedback from SG13 to the two draft Questions in 
AVD-3301 and AVD-3375 by utilizing the opportunity of co-located 

Best regards,

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