Documents for the next week meeting of Q1

Patrick Luthi patrick.luthi at
Thu Aug 21 03:30:40 EDT 2008

Dear WP2/16 experts,

Please note the following new and revised documents:

1/ An initial meeting room allocation is now available as TD-25.

2/ Three liaison statements from TSAG have been posted:

AVD-3623 -- LS regarding handling of patent declarations
AVD-3624 -- LS on quality of ITU-T Recommendations
AVD-3625 -- LS on improved Geographic Distribution and Coordination 
of ITU-T Seminars and Workshops

3/ Mr Probst's report of the TSAG meeting has been updated with this 
information and posted as AVD-3527a.

4/ AVD-3548 has been withdrawn.

5/ Some documents have been revised. They have AVD-XXXXXa document numbers.

All of those documents can be downloaded from the index page:

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