[itu-sg16] Brazilian contribution to ITU-T SG16 -- AVD-3555

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Aug 15 11:22:51 EDT 2008

Dear Mr. Okubo,

Please find attached contributions AVD-3520 and AVD-3521.

Best regards,
Jun Seob Lee

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Dear Mr Jun Seob Lee,

Thank you for your input contributions.

At 15:06 +0900 08/08/01, タフチリシキ wrote:
>I will submit 2 contribution to coming WP2/SG16 meeting. Please 
>assign AVD number for followings

The following numbers have been allocated to them:

AVD-3520 Proposed changes to draft new H.IRP
AVD-3521 Proposed changes to draft new H.IDscheme

The index page has been updated accordingly.


Best regards,

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