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Wed Aug 6 21:20:13 EDT 2008

To my colleagues in the IPTV development and standards community:
In case you missed out on the opportunity to submit a paper on IPTV for
the February and May 2008 issues of the IEEE Communications Magazine,
which had an excellent major focus on IPTV Systems, Standards and
you now have a second chance!   There will be a special issue on IPTV
for the IEEE Computer Society's Internet Computing Magazine much like
its current issue (see
which is focused on Mesh Networking:
 The IPTV issue is targeted for May/June 2009 which sounds a long way
off, however we need to start the work to assemble it now.  Along with
Robert Chen of AT&T Research, I have been volunteered to be a guest
editor for this special issue on IPTV.  
Unfortunately, we have not yet received submissions for the issue even
though the Call For Papers (cfp) has been out for a while.  Therefore it
seems necessary to reach out to my colleagues in the IPTV standards
community to directly solicit papers and articles for the issue.  Like
the earlier IEEE Communications articles on IPTV, it will be a great
opportunity to highlight our IPTV standards work as well as other
aspects (and organizations) involved in developing, deploying and
supporting the next generation of Television using Internet-based
Further details on this special issue on IPTV, including instructions
for submitting an outline of your article idea or its complete
manuscript, can be found at:

We have done a lot of work collaborating across many Standards
Development Organizations (SDOs) developing real workable standards for
IPTV.  We should further share the results of our efforts as well as
highlight how we are turning it into real products and services that all
will benefit from in the future.
So please excuse this brief interruption, as I invite you to submit your
idea for an article to Dr. Chen and myself so we can kick-off the
process to create this special issue on IPTV.
Please feel free to forward this e-mail to others that may be interested
and thank you for your assistance,
Greg Thompson
Chief Video Architect VCPBU
Cisco Systems
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1706
Office: +1-408-525-7711, Cell: +1-925-321-6146
Email: grthomps at or gregt at 

<> :

IPTV (May/June 2009)

Final submissions due 15 September 2008

Please email the guest editor a brief description of the article you
plan to submit by 1 September 2008.

Guest editors: Robin Chen
<mailto:chen at>  and Greg
Thompson <mailto:grthomps at> 

The integration of the Internet and TV, referred to as IPTV, is a
rapidly evolving suite of technologies, protocols, and standards that's
generating much excitement and innovation across commercial ventures and
research organizations. A potential exists for innovative new
applications and services, including time-shifted video content, P2P
IPTV, and TV contents delivered to any display: mobile, PC, or home.
However, the IP network infrastructure will have to accommodate much
larger traffic volumes and preserve the loss-free quality of the IPTV
stream as it traverses the network.

This special issue of IC seeks original articles describing research
efforts, experiences, and observations concerning the delivery of
broadcast entertainment-grade video over the Internet. Appropriate
topics include:

*	IPTV network architectures, protocols, standards, and solutions;

*	video-error concealment and packet-loss recovery methods; 
*	fast channel change techniques; 
*	peer-to-peer IPTV; 
*	video-on-demand (VoD) architecture, protocols, and scalability; 
*	Advertising (ad) insertion technologies; 
*	IP set-top-box architecture and home networking technologies; 
*	three-screen and time-shifted IPTV services; and 
*	the impact of IPTV on IP networks. 

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