[itu-sg16] FW: IETF work on citizen to authority (1-1-1/9-1-1) calls

simao.campos at itu.int simao.campos at itu.int
Sun Apr 27 15:53:14 EDT 2008

Dear LS authors,

Please follow the TSB guidance.


At 18:58 +0200 08/04/25, <simao.campos at itu.int> wrote:
>please use the attached file as template when preparing your draft 
>outgoing LSs!
>It has a few differences from the vanilla template from the ITU-T 
>website, and it would facilitate the secretariat's subsequent work 
>if you could use the one attached to this message, which is also 
>available at:
>PLEASE make sure all concerned delegates authoring outgoing LSs use 
>this modified template...
><< __TD-Template-LS-0804.doc >>
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