[Megaco] New Draft on IANA H.248 Package Registrations procedures

Christian Groves Christian.Groves at nteczone.com
Tue Oct 2 02:41:45 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I have recently submitted a new Internet Draft 
on updating the H.248 IANA package registration procedures. The draft is 
based on the changes that were contained in Amendment 1 to H.248.1 
Version 3. As part of the ITU AAP process the Real Time Apps Area 
Director (Cullen) provided some comments on the Amendment 1 H.248 
package registration procedures that he thought would make them more 
IETF/IANA friendly. The Internet Draft was created to capture those 
comments in order to feed back into the ITU AAP process to ensure that 
the ITU and the IETF are in agreement on the procedures.

The intention is move this draft forward rather quickly, so if you have 
any comments please let me know.

Regards, Christian

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