[itu-sg16] Work Programme for Question 2

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Mon Oct 8 02:27:25 EDT 2007

Q2 Experts,


There are several items on the work programme for Question 2 that we either
need to remove or progress.  In particular, consider these two items:

.         H.460.geo - Geographic information in H.323 systems

.         H.460.presence - Presence information in H.323 systems


I had assumed that adding geographic information to H.323 would have been
welcomed.  It was accepted as a work item, but folks then later asked why it
was necessary.  Strictly speaking, perhaps it is not.  However, there was a
desire to enable users to provide geographic information (both coordinate
and street address) information to a called party.  This might be for
emergency services, or simply to let a friend know where you are.  This
document was considered largely complete, but has not been updated since
<http://ftp3.itu.int/av-arch/avc-site/2005-2008/0502_Mel/AVD-2669.zip>  was
published.  I do not know how stale this is with respect to the work in the
IETF GEOPRIV working group.  Recently, I was asked about this, but I do not
know how much interest there really is.


We have debated several times whether it is even appropriate to add presence
to an H.323 system, especially since external protocols like XMPP are
well-designed for providing precisely this kind of capability.  Others have
argued that, indeed, we do need it.  We've never reached a consensus and
progress has suffered as a result.


I would like to hear opinions (either on the list or privately) as to what
you think we should do with both of these.





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