Report of the Shenzhen meeting AVD-3098

OKUBO Sakae okubo at
Sat Mar 24 11:03:07 EDT 2007

Dear Editors, contributors and Rapporteurs,

As noted at the Shenzhen meeting, the subject liaison statement from 
TSAG has now been issued as TD 342/Gen. Please follow this LS:


The ITU-T has a long history of producing high quality Recommendations
covering all aspects of telecommunications. To retain and reinforce the
ITU-T's prominence in providing high quality interface specifications
and related documentation, it is essential that this reputation for high
quality be maintained.
The Author's Guide for drafting ITU-T Recommendations has been revised
and is now posted on the ITU-T web site at:

The previous version of this guide has been available for many years and
has proven to be a useful and reliable reference to assist editors in
preparing high quality draft Recommendations with a consistent
structure, including a set of common elements that all Recommendations
require and which should be provided in a common style, together with
guidance on structuring the text in a coherent and consistent manner as
work on the technical content progresses. In addition, corresponding
revisions have been made to the ITU-T Recommendation skeleton template

Action requested

Study group management teams are requested to take note of the
importance of maintaining the high level of quality of Recommendations
and other deliverables that are prepared in their study groups and that
are the basis for judging the effectiveness and value of the ITU-T. In
particular, it is requested that editors of draft Recommendations and
other deliverables be reminded that the guidelines posted as indicated
above are an important basis for ensuring quality and consistency in the
outputs of the ITU T, and that they are intended to be closely followed.
Rapporteurs and editors are advised to, as far as possible begin
development of each new Recommendation from the Recommendation skeleton
template to help ensure consistency and quality. Revised Recommendations
should generally take the opportunity to bring an existing
Recommendation into conformance with the latest version of the Author's

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