[WP2/16] Proposals to Q21 and Q22[AVD-3081 3082 3083].

wang.dong at zte.com.cn wang.dong at zte.com.cn
Mon Mar 5 15:56:38 EST 2007

Best Regards

    Dong WANG

       5th    Mar, 2007
   Research & Standards Department, ZTE Corporation
   Seat:      C4-07 / D3-2
   Phone: +86-25-5287-2009 
   Fax:      +86-25-5287-1000 
   Mobile: +86-1395-184-7902
   Email:   wang.dong at zte.com.cn 
   Skype:  wang.dong111520
   MSN:    arestony_wang at hotmail.com 
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