[itu-sg16] Contributions by Alcatel-Lucent

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Sat Jun 16 10:48:24 EDT 2007

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The following input documents have been placed at the avc-site for 
assisting your advance review, whose list and links are given at:


New Draft H.248.1 Version 4 − Clause 7.1.8 Procedures for Reserve Properties

"New Draft H.248.1 Version 4 − New Appendix IV to H.248.1 Version 4: 
Practices on Statistics − Exemplary Use Cases"

New Draft H.248.1 Version 4 − Data Types for Floating Numbers (IEEE 754)

Draft H.Sup7 − Clause Failure in One-Step Registration

Draft H.Sup7 − New Clause 10 on Transport Mode Changes

Draft H.Sup7 − New Clause 11 on Registration of Multi-transport Mode 
capable MGs

Draft H.Sup7 −Clause 5.6.4 on Security: Authentication of MGC towards MG

Draft H.Sup7 −Clause 8.6 on Graceful H.248 Control Association closure request

H.248.1 IMG − Semantical clarification of property Maximum Number of Contexts

Draft H.Sup8 − Precision requirements for H.248 MGs as Measurement Points

Draft H.248.37 Amendment 1 − Filter interaction guidelines

Draft H.248.37 Amendment 1 − Solution for living list item on 
multiple transport addresses per H.248 stream

Draft H.248.37 Amendment 1 − Solution for living list item on IPv6 aspects

Draft H.248.43 − Interaction with IP latching

Draft H.248.43 − New Appendix II for packages overview

Draft H.248.48 − Refined Definitions for RP and MP

Draft H.248.52 − Data type and encoding of ds/dscp property − 
Proposal to start ds version 2 package

Draft H.248.53 − Traffic policing for Sub-flows on H.248 Stream 
level − Proposal to start tman version 2 package

Draft H.248.51 − Relation to H.248.38

Draft H.248.57 (ex H.248.RTCPH) − Comments and additional text

Draft H.248.57 − RTCP-less RTP sessions

Draft H.248.57 − Mapping of RTP and RTCP flows on H.248 Streams

Draft H.248.58 − Text proposal for clause 5.1 “Relation of the 
rtpad package to nt and rtp packages”

Proposed new Draft ITU-T Rec. H.248.resres − Resource Reservation in 
Media Gateways

H.248 Statistics − Proposed new Draft ITU-T Rec. H.248.ipocs − IP 
Layer Octets Count Statistics Package

Revised proposal for a new Draft H.248.CCI − Content of 
Communication Identity Package

Best regards,

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