[itu-sg16] Input documents

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Jun 15 01:28:46 EDT 2007

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The following input documents have been placed at the avc-site for 
assisting your advance review, whose list and links are given at:


At 16:43 +0200 07/06/14, Arturo Martin De Nicolas (AC/EDD) wrote:
>Please consider attached Temporary Document from Editor for upcoming 
>SG16 meeting 26th June - 6th July. ==> H.248.8

At 17:26 +0100 07/06/14, <geoff.hunt at bt.com> wrote:
>I have just submitted the following document via the SG16 document 
>submission system, which gave it the filename 
>T16_S_20070614181842_1.doc. ==> H.248.48
>I'm also sending it to you in this mail, as requested in your email of 30-May.
>This document is identical to the output document TD-61 from the 
>Shenzhen meeting, which Christian produced on my behalf.
>I intend to submit some contributions during tomorrow.

At 10:17 -0700 07/06/14, Brody Kenrick wrote:
>Please add this contribution to the advance review repository. (It 
>has been made available as C.142 through TIES also.) ==> "H.325" 

At 09:20 +0800 07/06/15, Simon Horne wrote:
>The 5 documents are as follows:
>Question 2
>AVD-2905.zip    Proposed new H.460.x "Text Messaging within H.323 
>systems" (resubmitted no changes)
>Question 5  (both updated from rapporteurs meeting submission)
>h460nat1.zip    Proposed new H.460.x "Network Address Translator and 
>Firewall device determination in H.323 Systems"
>h460nat2.zip    Proposed new H.460.y "Point to Point Media through 
>Network Address Translators and Firewalls in H.323 Systems"
>Question 21
>h325nat.zip     NAT Traversal Considerations for an Advanced 
>Multimedia System (AMS)
>h325sec.zip     Security Considerations for an Advanced Multimedia 
>System (AMS)

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