Initial WP2/16 time schedule during 26 June - 6 July

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Dear Mr Dubuisson,

At 11:26 +0200 07/06/08, Olivier DUBUISSON wrote:
>[...]"ID resolution protocol" is a *very* large topic that, in its
>generality, goes beyond the remit of SG16. I'd like to know and
>understand a bit more what kind of "ID resolution protocol" SG16 is
>planning to work on.

I understand this protocol is to reach richer information related to 
the object or place that has an ID having only small information 
capacity. For more details please take a look at SG16 Contribution 86 
or the input contribution for the upcoming SG16 meeting.

>Note that, as far as the work item so called "ID coding for NID" is
>concerned, SG17 sent a Liaison statement to SG16 because they have
>concerns with defining yet another ID system, and more particularly yet
>another country code. I'll attend part of the next SG16 meeting to
>present this LS on behalf of SG17.

Thank you for your presenting SG17 LS (now available as TD 354/GEN). 
It is helpful to SG16. We will plan a session for this topic on 4 
July, but as this is the last day for Question sessions, it would 
better be on 3 July if JCA-NID finishes earlier.

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