Question about report of Q.22/16 from last SG16 meeting (November 2006))

Olivier DUBUISSON olivier.dubuisson at
Fri Jun 8 05:26:29 EDT 2007

이준섭 wrote:
> Was there no discussion on ID resolution protocol in Sehnzhen meeting?
> What is current status of ID resolution protocol...?


"ID resolution protocol" is a *very* large topic that, in its
generality, goes beyond the remit of SG16. I'd like to know and
understand a bit more what kind of "ID resolution protocol" SG16 is
planning to work on.

Note that, as far as the work item so called "ID coding for NID" is
concerned, SG17 sent a Liaison statement to SG16 because they have
concerns with defining yet another ID system, and more particularly yet
another country code. I'll attend part of the next SG16 meeting to
present this LS on behalf of SG17.
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