Question about report of Q.22/16 from last SG16 meeting (November 2006))

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Dear Mr. Sakae,

Thanks for your kind reply.

It's very helpful. Thanks again.

One more question...

Was there no discussion on ID resolution protocol in Sehnzhen meeting?

What is current status of ID resolution protocol...?

Best regards,
Jun Seob Lee

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Dear Jun Seob Lee,

>Dear Rapporteur of Q.22/16,
>I'm Jun Seob Lee from ETRI, Korea.
>I'm very interested in NID activities in your rapporteur group. (I'm 
>the rapporteur of ASTAP NID Expert Group)
>In your rapporteur group meeting report (TD413 R1), your group had a 
>plan to consent 4 new recommendation on NID by July 2007 and April 
>But, in your report, your group did not assign any editor for those new 
>Can I know the current status about NID related new recommendations?
>And, in the meeting report of WP2/16, your group will have meeting 
>before SG16 meeting in June 2007. Did you have a meeting?
>If you had a meeting, can I get a meeting report?
>I'll prepare some contribution on NID in SG16 meeting.
>See you in Geneva.

Thank you for your query.

Please find the progress made at the Rapporteur meeting last March in Sehnzhen in the following meeting report:

The same document has been made available as TD 428/WP2 for the upcoming SG16 meeting.

This report indicates Mr Yoichi Takashima, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory, as Editor for F.MID on service description and requirements.  Editor for H.MID on architecture has slipped in the report due to work partition between Q22 and Q21 at the Shenzhen meeting, but Mr Takashima is also taking this role, I believe.

These two are intended for Consent at the upcoming meeting and the other two for ID code and ID resolution protocol are targeted for the subsequent meeting in April 2008.

I am looking forward to seeing you and your contribution(s).

Best regards,

OKUBO Sakae, WP2/16 Chair
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