[itu-sg16] Input documents

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Jun 15 01:28:46 EDT 2007

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The following input documents have been placed at the avc-site for 
assisting your advance review, whose list and links are given at:


At 10:35 +0800 07/06/15, Xiaolin jiang wrote:
>Would you please consider uploading the contributions as attached to 
>the website for the coming SG16 meeting?

   - Proposal a New Question to Study the Service/User Identification 
and Control
   - Proposal on Extending the Study Scope of Question 5 in Next Study Period
   - Proposal for the Overview of Draft New H.Proxy

At 13:00 +1000 07/06/15, Christian Groves wrote:
>Please find attached the following 4 TDs for upload to the advance 
>review directory:
>R_TD-WP2-xxx_H248_47amm1.zip "Draft new H.248.47 Amendment 1 
>"Statistic Conditional Reporting Package: Explicit timestamp 
>notification enhancement"
>R_TD-WP2-xxx_H248_49.zip "Draft new Recommendation H.248.49 
>“/Session Description Protocol RFC and Capabilities Packages/”
>R_TD-WP2-xxx_H248_living_list.zip "H.248.1v4 Living List"
>R_TD-WP2-xxx-HSupp2_Packages_Guide.zip "Draft revised H Series 
>Supplement 2, “H.248.x sub-series packages guide ミ Release 10”
>Could you please place then in the appropriate directory?

Best regards,

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