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A lot of folks have apparently changed jobs or e-mail addresses over the
past several months, as all of the below e-mail addresses are bouncing back.
I am preparing to remove all of the below addresses from the SG16 mailing
list.  If you see your colleague's name in the list, you might bring this to
their attention so they can re-subscribe with a valid address.  I suspect
that some of the people are still at some companies, but addresses have




PS - There is a possibility that some are temporary errors, but I checked to
ensure that messages failed to deliver at least twice.  Please accept my
apology if this presents you with any inconvenience. 



alexg at

Henri.Kivioja at

mbhatia at

tomoyuki.yoshikawa at

Christer.Holmberg at

Krishna.Munnaluru at

rnholla at

mukesh.verma at

ceo8 at

y.nishikawa at

cxz at

richard_sostheim at

bvswamy at

apathak at

danis at

ModiF at

sigalt at

GuyS at

youngsinlee at

Axel.Niebuhr at

Bjoern.Soelch at

skhurana at

Bob.Leano at

kjhwang at

Abdelbasset.Trad at

mcnicol at

Michelle.Michael at

Ken.Cross at

sam at

Dick.W.Crouch at

hana at



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