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>Dear All
>So far,we have received the requests for letter of invitation from 
>several experts who are going to attend this meeting.
>May I kindly remind all of you that to facilitate the organization 
>of this meeting,experts who need an official letter of invitation 
>are advised to send their requests to Miss Gao Li as soon as 
>possible as described in the Shenzhen Invitation document?
>Thank you very much!
>We also noticed that some had sent fax to the hotel where the 
>meeting will be hosted to make reservation,that is good.However,it 
>seems some of these faxed messages failed to indicate the type of 
>room as required in the Shenzhen Invitation document.One needs to 
>indicate clearly which type of room he/she wants:
>A. deluxe room
>B.deluxe sweet room
>It is not clear for the hotel to make a reservation for you if  you 
>indicate only “Single”.
>Hopefully those who haven’t sent a fax can make correct indication.
>Best Regards
>Noah Luo,Ph.D
>Senior Research Scientist
>Department of Industrial Standards
>Huawei Technologies,Co.Ltd.
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