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OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Fri Jan 19 07:20:08 EST 2007


Dear All


So far,we have received the requests for letter of invitation from several
experts who are going to attend this meeting.


May I kindly remind all of you that to facilitate the organization of this
meeting,experts who need an official letter of invitation are advised to
send their requests to Miss Gao Li as soon as possible as described in the
Shenzhen Invitation document?


Thank you very much!


We also noticed that some had sent fax to the hotel where the meeting will
be hosted to make reservation,that is good.However,it seems some of these
faxed messages failed to indicate the type of room as required in the
Shenzhen Invitation document.One needs to indicate clearly which type of
room he/she wants:

A. deluxe room


B.deluxe sweet room


It is not clear for the hotel to make a reservation for you if  you
indicate only “Single”.


Hopefully those who haven’t sent a fax can make correct indication.


Best Regards





Noah Luo,Ph.D

Senior Research Scientist


Department of Industrial Standards


Huawei Technologies,Co.Ltd.






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