Documents and meeting registration for Shenzhen meeting

Patrick Luthi patrick.luthi at
Thu Feb 8 10:20:45 EST 2007

Dear Q.1 experts,

Please let me know as soon as possible of your plans of document 
submission! Titles can be provisional and adjusted later. I need a 
good number of input documents and participants in a week time in 
order to get SG16 management's final permission to hold the Shenzen meeting.

Best regards,


>Registration of attendance - by 1st March, to Christian Groves 
><Christian.Groves at> (meeting organizer),
>Registration of contributions - by 3 March, to Patrick Luthi 
><patrick.luthi at>
>Distribution of contributions - by 6 March, to 
>Note - Contributions after the above dates are dealt with as "late" 
>and their consideration is up to the meeting.
>The meeting information is available at the following place:
>Early indication of your submission plan is welcome and encouraged, 
>especially since I will be out of the office from 13-23 February and 
>will likely not assign contribution numbers during that time.
>Best regards,
>Patrick Luthi
>Rapporteur of Q.1/16
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