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Schwarz Albrecht Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel-lucent.de
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... zip file contains 3269 (instead 3296), appearently a twisted number


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	SG16 Experts,


	I will be out of the office next week during the holidays here
in the US.  I will allocate document numbers for any requests I  receive
this week, but will not be able to allocate additional numbers until
January 2, 2008.


	This is the list of all documents that have been posted or for
which numbers have been allocated:



	If you see any mistakes, please bring that to my attention.  The
items shaded in yellow are document numbers that have been requested,
but ones that have not been posted.  Note, also, that until the document
arrives, the title of the document is subject to change.


	Best Regards and Happy Holidays!



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