One basic comment on H.ghna of Q21/16

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Because the SG 11 meeting is a formal SG one, either of tweo options need to be considered:
- a contribution is submitted to both SG 16 Rapp Mtg and SG 11 as a company contribution (they could be different contributions, changing the focus from SG 16 perspective to Sg 11 perspective, if this is applicable); or
- a LS is prepared early at the SG 16 Rapp mtg and communicated to SG 11 in time to organize a joint session.


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Dear Mr Schwarz,

At 08:28 +0100 07/12/10, Schwarz Albrecht wrote:
>Is there also any joint session with SG11?

Currently no such session is planned. However, we can add it if it is needed.

>We are planning to submitt at least one contribution "H.248 Rw Profile 
>Version 2 - Update proposal for Draft Q.3323.2 due to alignment with
>H.248 Ia Profile Version 2" which might benefit from a joint discussion 
>of Q3/16 and Q5/11.

As the SG11 meeting is of SG level, is it possible to submit the mentioned document also as a Contribution to SG11?

At 15:44 +0800 07/12/10, Tina TSOU wrote:
>I support such joint session. How about the opinions from Q.5/11?
>Session 4, Tuesday 22nd, 2008 might be a good time.

 From the SG16 Rapporteur meeting side, the proposed slot is OK because it is reserved for additional session at this moment. If it is too close to the meeting end, the second quarter of Friday, 18 January is also reserved for additional session. Please note, however, that there might be a limitation on the number of rooms, thus we need to check with Mr Sebek, TSB, when our plan has been made.

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