[itu-sg16] Joint Q.3/16 & Q.5/11?; RE: Document submission for the Seoul meeting

Christian Groves Christian.Groves at nteczone.com
Tue Dec 11 01:01:52 EST 2007

Hello Mr.Okubo,

I noticed that Albrecht has submitted a contribution that would be 
relevant for both Q.5/11 and Q.3/16 so I think that a joint session may 
be a good idea. Having it so late in the meeting shouldn't be so much of 
an issue as it will give us a chance to discuss contributions on 
H.248.55 first and then we can report the status to Q.5/11.

Regards, Christian

OKUBO Sakae wrote:
> Dear Mr Schwarz,
> At 08:28 +0100 07/12/10, Schwarz Albrecht wrote:
>> Is there also any joint session with SG11?
> Currently no such session is planned. However, we can add it if it is 
> needed.
>> We are planning to submitt at least one contribution "H.248 Rw Profile
>> Version 2 - Update proposal for Draft Q.3323.2 due to alignment with
>> H.248 Ia Profile Version 2" which might benefit from a joint discussion
>> of Q3/16 and Q5/11.
> As the SG11 meeting is of SG level, is it possible to submit the 
> mentioned document also as a Contribution to SG11?
> At 15:44 +0800 07/12/10, Tina TSOU wrote:
>> I support such joint session. How about the opinions from Q.5/11?
>> Session 4, Tuesday 22nd, 2008 might be a good time.
> From the SG16 Rapporteur meeting side, the proposed slot is OK because 
> it is reserved for additional session at this moment. If it is too 
> close to the meeting end, the second quarter of Friday, 18 January is 
> also reserved for additional session. Please note, however, that there 
> might be a limitation on the number of rooms, thus we need to check 
> with Mr Sebek, TSB, when our plan has been made.

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