[itu-sg16] SG16 meeting during 26 June - 6 July

OKUBO Sakae okubo at mxz.mesh.ne.jp
Wed Apr 25 10:31:03 EDT 2007

Dear WP2/16 experts,

SG16 will meet just in two months. The Shenzhen meeting last month 
identified the following items, among others, that need further work. 
Your contributions are solicited.

General 1 - Possible new Question on "Advanced Multimedia System for 
Next Generation and Other Packet-Switched Networks"

- What are the business requirements that we need to consider as part 
of such an effort?
- What functionality is missing in existing systems that prevent us 
from meeting those requirements?
- Why is it important to consider development of a third-generation 
multimedia system?
	* Does cost and complexity of existing systems make it 
challenging to meet business requirements?
	* Is it difficult to mange and control systems and services 
due to the current designs?
- What problems do we need to solve?
- What innovative modes of communication would we like to enable that 
are simply impossible with existing systems?

General 2 - Questions for the next study period

- We need a group of good Questions that are accommodated in a Study 
Group as a block
- How can the current Questions be reorganized?

Q1/16 "Multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing"

- Incorporate results from interim meeting accordingly
- Progress of H.324 topics relative to Annex K
- Review of final text of H.324 Annex L (text conversation), H.324 
Amd. 2 and H.222.0 Amd. 2
- Review of final text of revised T.120-series
- Review of the items relative to H.320, H.324, T.120, H.310, etc.

Q2/16 "Real-Time Audio, Video, and Data Communication over 
Packet-Switched Networks"

- Review items proposed for the H.323-series Implementors' Guide
- Progress work on: H.245v14, H.323 Annex I, H.460.geo, H.presence, H.460.tm
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items

Q3/16 "Multimedia Gateway Control Architectures and Protocols"

- Prepare for Consent: H.248.8 Revised, H.248.9 Amendment 1, H.248.12 
Amendment 2, H.248.19 Amendment 2, H.248.29 Corrigenda 1, H.248.37 
Amendment 1, H.248.43 (ex. H.248.GM), H.248.47 Amendment 1, H.248.48 
(ex. H.248.QHR), H.248.49 (ex. H.248.SDPVER), H.248.50 (ex. 
H.248.NATTT), H.248.51 (ex. H.248.TCM), H.248.52 (ex. H.248.QoS), 
H.248.53 (ex. H.248.TMAN), H.248.54 (ex. H.248.MPLS), H.248.55 (ex. 
H.248.PLM), H.248.56 (ex. H.248.VPN)
- Progress work on H.248.RTCP, H.248.ETN, H.248.RTPAD, H.248.Statistics
- Prepare revised IGs for H.248 Sub Series and H.248.1v2
- Revised and new H Series Supplements: 2, 7, H.Supp-H248sync
- Consider new materials

Q4/16 "Advanced multimedia communication service features on top of 
the ITU-T defined multimedia system platforms"

- Progress work on H.350.8 aiming at Consent in 2007-07
- Enhancements to H.350 Sub-series
- Possible new service features

Q5/16 "Control of NAT and Firewall Traversal for H.300-Series 
Multimedia Systems"

- Progress work on: H.proxy, TP.HNFT
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items

Q21/16 "Multimedia Architecture"

- "H.325" Next generation multimedia terminals and systems {see also 
General 1 above}
- Progress work on H.saarch, H.vsreqs (video surveillance), H.ghna 
(Home network architecture) & IPTV
- Progress work on H.MID (NID triggered multimedia information 
delivery system architecture)

Q22/16 "Multimedia applications and services"

- Progress work for F.VSreqs (Requirements and services description 
for visual surveillance) and F.MID (Requirements and services 
description for NID triggered multimedia contents retrieval and 
delivery services)
- Progress IPTV related subjects concerning definitions, requirements 
and scenarios (in the context of multimedia communications)

Q24/16 "Quality of service and end-to-end performance in multimedia systems"

- Progress work on Annexes A, B, C of H.361 (ex H.mmqos)
- Progress work on H.trans.control
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items on end-to-end QoS

Q25/16 "Multimedia security in next-generation networks (NGN-MM-SEC)"

- Study NGN-MM-SEC issues
- Study security aspects of MM-DRM

Q28/16 "Multimedia framework for e-health applications"

- Review feedback on the first version of Technical Paper on the 
telemedicine Standardization Roadmap
- Present activities carried out within the eHSCG and HTTF group
- Discuss a possible structure for the Recommendation on a 'Framework 
for e-health applications in emergency situations'
- Discuss working arrangements for future meetings

Q29/16 "Mobility for multimedia systems and services"

- Progress TP.mmsm (Service Mobility for new  Multimedia Service Architecture)
- Presence in H.3xx based systems
- In-car multimedia support

Best regards,

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