T.120 and NAT/firewall traversal

Patrick Luthi patrick.luthi at tandberg.net
Thu Sep 21 10:15:53 EDT 2006

Dear experts,

During the last Q.1 Rapporteur meeting in Ottawa, Canada (August 
29-31, 2006), an interesting discussion took place around future work 
on T.120 and the possibility for existing or in development 
NAT/firewall traversal standards to be extended to allow T.120 
transport through NATs and firewalls. As Rapporteur, I was asked to 
send a message out to T.120 and other SG16 experts and solicit 
contributions on what Q.1 named "iT.120", a project that would take 
the best of the existing T.120-series and adapt it to allow it to 
take advantage of todays' IP networks and future NGN networks. Q.1 
would also welcome any initiatives from the NAT/FW traversal experts 
of Q.5 to help address T.120 NAT/FW traversal.

The following is an extract of the meeting report:

"5.3  T.120 and NAT/firewall traversal
The revision of T.120 and T.123 started an interesting discussion on 
the future of T.120 applications and the problem that T.120 terminals 
face when placed behind NATs and firewalls. Experts thought that 
T.120 was a well engineered standards suite and it was unfortunate 
that the arrival of NATs and firewalls gave web browsers a 
competitive advantage relaying the use of T.120 applications to 
internal networks. The group could envision the possibility to start 
a "iT.120" work item if there was interest and contributions 
proposing to progress such work. The Q.1 Rapporteur is asked to send 
a message to appropriate mailing lists to encourage submission of 
contributions on such new work. Q.1 is also asking Q.5 to consider 
the incorporation of T.120 NAT/firewall traversal in their existing 
or planned standards such as H.proxy."

I am looking forward to seeing more discussion taking place on the 
mailing lists (t05sg16avd at itu.int, itu-sg16 at external.cisco.com) and 
will welcome any contributions on this subject to the upcoming 
meeting of SG16 (November 14-24, 2006).

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone interested in 
T.120 and data conferencing!

Best regards,

Patrick Luthi
Rapporteur for Q.1/16
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