FW: RFC 4542 on Implementing an Emergency Telecommunications Service(ETS) for Real-Time Services in the Internet Protocol Suite

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Dear WP2/16 experts,

<http://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/aap/announce/05-08/035.html> has 
been issued that declares the start of Last Call for those 17 draft 
Recommendations consented at the last month SG16 meeting. The list of 
draft Recommendations under WP2/16 responsibility is attached after 
my signature. Please note that the deadline for your comments is 28 
May 2006.

Best regards,

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At 03:07 -0400 06/04/18, OKUBO Sakae wrote:
1/ Draft Recommendations consented

H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 Corrigendum 5 "Information Technology - 
Generic Coding of Moving Pictures And Associated Audio Information: 
Systems: Corrections identified during integration of third edition"

H.241 "Extended video procedures and control signals for H.300 series 

H.324 Corrigendum 1 "Clarification in Annex A"

H.225.0 v6 "Call signalling protocols and media stream packetization 
for packet-based multimedia communication systems"

H.245 "Control protocol for multimedia communication"

H.246 "Interworking of H-Series multimedia terminals with H-Series 
multimedia terminals and voice/voiceband terminals on GSTN and ISDN"

H.323 v6 "Packet-based multimedia communications systems"

H.460.21 (ex-H.460.mb) "Message Broadcast for H.323 Systems"

H.249 (ex-H.Keys) "Extended User Input Indications"

H.248.19 Amendment 1, "Decomposed multipoint control unit, audio, 
video and data conferencing packages: New Text Overlay Package and 
Border and Background Package"

H.248.23 Corrigendum 1, "Enhanced Alerting packages"

H.248.38 "Base Context Package"

H.248.39 "H.248 SDP Parameter Identification and Wildcarding"

H.248.41 "IP Domain Connection Package"

H.248.42 "DCME Interworking Package"

H.248.45 "MGC Information Package"

H.361 (ex-H.mmqos) "End-to-End Quality of Service (QoS) and Service 
Priority Signalling in H.323 Systems"

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