COM16-D332: GW Control aspects of G.IP2IP

Albrecht.Schwarz at Albrecht.Schwarz at
Fri Mar 24 09:11:54 EST 2006

Hi Peter,

just read your D332. Some comments in advance:

The signalling requirements draft TR Q.ncap2 reminds me to H.248 Profiles.
Guess ETSI's H.248 Profiles for IP-to-IP gateways (TS 102 333, successor ES
283 018) matching very close the majority of sketched signalling

My assumption is, that the signalling interface ("in case there are
signalled services on a call indidvidual level") of G.IP2IP is based on
H.248. Just as G.799.1 is based on H.248.

Now, H.248 Profiles for IP-to-IP gateways could be phased concering various
criteria (like with or w/o QoS at IP interface, with or w/o edge router
functions (like MPLS LER, or DiffServe ER), or with or w/o media awareness,
or others).
With regards to the "media support" aspect, the two main phases are:
1. media-agnostic H.248 Profiles for IP-to-IP gateways
2. media-aware H.248 Profiles for IP-to-IP gateways

Presently, defined H.248 Profiles are available for (1), work on (2) is in
progress (e.g., MSF).
Practically phasing could be realized by a next Profile version, i.e., (2)
extends the capabilites of (1).

My conclusions:
* might be worth to consider a similar G.IP2IP phasing, e.g., G.IP2IP.1 =
media-agnostic, G.IP2IP.2 = additional media-awareness

* general: could imagine that additional H.248 Profile specifications as
separate documents to G.IP2IP or G.799.1 could be beneficial complementary
information (incl. off-loading G.x-series GW specifications from H.248


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