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Christian Groves cngroves at bigpond.net.au
Wed Mar 8 07:43:35 EST 2006

Dear all,

Q.2/16 has scheduled Draft ITU-T Recommendation H.460.mb "Message
Broadcast for H.323 Systems" for possible consent at the forthcoming
SG16 meeting in April.
The latest draft of H.460.mb is available at:

Unfortunately, Q.25 did not have discussion of the potential security
issues around H.460.mb at the last joint Rapporteurs Meeting in November

The draft text raises a few security questions as open issues within
Editor notes; there may or may not be more security issues which are not
yet identified in the text; and there are also other non-security issues
in the document that may deserve some closer view.

Together with Paul Jones (Q.2/16 Rapporteur), I would like to take this
opportunity to raise the issue at this point in time with the intention
to solicit mailing list discussion and/or call for input contributions
into the next SG16 meeting, allowing the two Questions to have a
fruitful discussion on the draft and to determine how we move forward.

Allow me to make a couple of remarks and also ask a few guiding
-	H.460.mb operates in a multicast environment where H.323-based
announcement servers broadcast to a pre-defined set of H.323
receivers/endpoints. As such, we could be interested to study how to
secure such an environment. What type of security do we need, how to
secure the involved entities?
-	To which degree can we leverage existing H.235.x Recommendations
for usage in H.460.mb?
-	Where (signaling protection, media protection) do we need to
study new (multicast) security mechanisms for this particular
-	Can we re-use any existing work from other groups for this
-	Should security for H.460.mb be addressed at this point in time,
or can we add-in whatever security measures are necessary at a
later/future point in time?
-	If we have to do something at least on security, what should it
be about? What is the most pressing requirement from the market point of
-	Which security infrastructure is adequate for such a multicast
scenario? Shared keys, PKI; key management, statically configured,
dynamic negotiable?
-	...

Looking forward to your interest, feedback, views, contributions...

With kind regards

Martin Euchner.
| Dipl.-Inf.                     Rapporteur Q.25/16
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