progress of draft H.460.mb "Message Broadcast for H.323 Systems" and related security issues: call for contributions

Euchner, Martin martin.euchner at
Thu Mar 2 08:28:56 EST 2006

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The next meeting of SG16 (3-13 April, Geneva) is rapidly approaching. 
Your contributions are requested on the following topics among other 

1/ Ongoing works

Annex 3 of Collective Letter 3/16 
<> list preliminary items 
to be discussed during the meeting. The list is attached after my 
signature for your convenience.

2/ Requirements for the "H.325" system

We are continuing to identify what are required for the new 
generation multimedia communication system codenamed "H.325". How it 
should interwork with NGN would be one of the discussion items; what 
facilities of NGN we can utilize for our purpose, what facilities we 
would like to define inside the NGN service stratum, ...

3/ IPTV (relaying Mr. Probst's messages)

The TSB Director is organizing an informal consultative meeting on 
4-5 April 2006 (see TSB-Circular 71) 
<>. Please note that this 
event will take place during the second and third day of our SG16 
meeting. It is likely that during this event, future work on the 
development of standards will be discussed  as well as the role of 
the different ITU-T Study Groups. Please note that the subject has 
already been discussed at the last GSI NGN event in January 2006.

It is my understanding, that IPTV should be considered here in the 
large sense of the term, that is distribution of TV programmes over 
IP on all kind of  platforms (xDSL, Fibre, cable, satellite, Wi-Fi, 
Mobile, etc...).

For SG16, there are two questions:
  a) What activities should we push in this field (e.g H.610 for IP, 
video codecs, ...)
  b) What role do we want to play in the coordination?

4/ Networked RFID (relaying Mr. Probst's message)

The workshop held last month 
<> was a success both 
in terms of the information given and the participation of experts in 
and outside ITU-T. I would like to encourage you to look at the 
presentations and in particular at the conclusions of the different 
sessions. You should pay special attention to the conclusions of 
session 7 <>, which 
contains a list of topics of common interest between the different 
players active in the development of global standards.

Best regards,

e-mail: sokubo at
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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
Waseda University, YRP Ichibankan 312        Tel: +81 46 847 5406
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239-0847 Japan
                       H.323 videoconferencing: arranged by advice

Preliminary list of WP2/16 topics

Q.1/16 Multimedia systems, terminals and data conferencing

- Progress of H.324 issues relative to call setup acceleration techniques
- Progress of H.241 issues relative to a computationally efficient 
H.264 and reference picture selection
- Review of final text of revised T.120-series
- Review of the items relative to H.320, H.324, T.120, H.310, etc.

Q.2/16 Real-Time Audio, Video, and Data Communication over 
Packet-Switched Networks

- Complete work on documents for consent: H.323v6, H.225.0v6 H.323 
Annex Gv2, H.246, and H.460.mb
- Progress work in these areas: H.323 Annex I, H.323/SIP 
Interworking, H.460.geo, H.dhcp, H.gaam, and H.presence

Q.3/16 Multimedia Gateway Control Architectures and Protocols

- Consent new packages: H.248.19 Amd.1, H.248.23 Cor. or Amd., 
H.248.BC, H.248.SDPSPEC, H.248.ADID, H.248.IPDC, H.248.DCME, 
H.248.MLPP, H.248.MGCInfo
- Progress packages under consideration: H.248.RTPXtalk

Q.4/16 Advanced multimedia communication service features on top of 
the ITU-T defined multimedia system platforms

- Progress ongoing H.350.7 and User Input Indication works
- Study new service features

Q.5/16 Control of NAT and Firewall Traversal for H.300-Series 
Multimedia Systems

- Progress work in these areas: H.proxy, NAT/FW Framework
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items

Q.21/16 Multimedia Architecture

- Progress H.325 requirements and NGN studies
- Progress H.saarch
- Consideration of new materials, e.g. home networking

Q.22/16 Multimedia applications and services

- Progress videotelephony Recommendation
- Study NGN multimedia services
- Consideration of new services such as IPTV

Q.24/16 Quality of Service and End-to-end Performance in Multimedia Systems

- Consenting H.mmqos
- Progressing H.mmqos Annexes A,B,C
- Progressing H.trans.control

Q.25/16 Multimedia Security in Next-Generation Networks (NGN-MM-SEC)

- Progress H.FSIC, H.460.spn, H.mmqos security annex
- Study of anti-DDOS MM-issues
- Progress MM-NGN security

Q.27/16 	Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR) Aspects 
of Multimedia Applications and Services

- Carry out case studies
- Establish a workplan, including workshops

Q.28/16 	Multimedia framework for e-health applications

- Present and discuss the roadmap after comments from Q 28 experts
- Present activities carried out within the eHSCG and HTTF group
- Discuss a possible structure for the Recommendation on a 
‘Framework for e-health applications in emergency situations’

Q.29/16 	Mobility for Multimedia Systems and Services

- Developing H.mmsm "Service Mobility for  Multimedia Services"
- Developing H.mmho "Extension of H.510 to support seamless handover 
of an H.323 session between different domains"


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