Fw: SG16: Q3 contributions

Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de
Mon Mar 13 09:36:56 EST 2006

fyi, 3 more in


 Alcatels1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.38 BC Editorial.doc
13-Mar-2006 15:24    51k
 Alcatelt1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 StatisticsDescriptorEd04.doc
13-Mar-2006 15:24   302k
 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.SPDSPEC_Tables.zip
13-Mar-2006 15:25    56k

                      Albrecht SCHWARZ                                                                                             
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                      13.03.2006 15:02         cc:      Albrecht SCHWARZ/DE/ALCATEL at ALCATEL                                        
                                               Subject: Fw: SG16: Q3 contributions                                                 

fyi, I've submitted some more (currently = 26 contributions from ALCATEL)
Albrecht Schwarz


 Alcatela1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 MID_PortRedirectionEd01.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14   114k
 Alcatela4 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 IMG Editorial § 6.3.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14    88k
 Alcatela5 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 IMG ErrorCode in § 6.3.2.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14    91k
 Alcatela6 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 IMG TestState.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14   181k
 Alcatela7 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.1 IMG ServiceChangeMgcID.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14    92k
 Alcatelk1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.4 FurtherDiscussion 20060223.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14   161k
 Alcatelk2 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.4 ModifiedProposal 20060223.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:14   112k
 Alcatelm1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.Sup7.H248CtrlAssoc Ed03.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   258k
 Alcatelm2 T05-SG16-060403-D H.Sup7 Phases.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    98k
 Alcatelm3 T05-SG16-060403-D H.Sup7 AddressChanges.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    94k
 Alcatelm4 T05-SG16-060403-D H.Sup7 MIDoperations.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    91k
 Alcatelm5 T05-SG16-060403-D H.Sup7 SCTPassociationEstablishment.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   105k
 Alcatelp1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.44 MLPPcomments.doc
13-Mar-2006 14:57    75k
 Alcatelp2 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.44 Definitions.doc
13-Mar-2006 14:57    85k
 Alcatelp3 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.44 InterworkingH.323.doc
13-Mar-2006 14:57   222k
 Alcatelp4 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.44 eMLPP.doc
13-Mar-2006 14:57    86k
 Alcatelr1 T05-SG16-060403-D  H.248.gm_gc_Package_Ed01_20051220.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   107k
 Alcatelr2 T05-SG16-060403-D  H.248.gm_gc_Package_Ed02_Adaptations.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   116k
 Alcatelr3 T05-SG16-060403-D  H.248.gm_gc_Package_ValueRange.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    88k
 Alcatelv1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.GC PolicyEnforcement_Filtering.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   116k
 Alcatelw1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.43 RTPXtalk Ed03.doc
13-Mar-2006 11:48   227k
 Alcatelw2 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.43 RTPXtalk SymmetricRTP.doc
13-Mar-2006 11:48   119k
 Alcately1 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.40 Editorial.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    97k
 Alcately2 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.40 OutgoingDirection.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15    85k
 Alcately3 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.40 AppI VoRTP.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   101k
 Alcately4 T05-SG16-060403-D H.248.40 AppII Pa2PaDeadlockLatching.doc
11-Mar-2006 12:15   105k

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                                               Subject: SG16: Q3 contributions                                                     
                      11.03.2006 12:31                                                                                             

I've dropped a first set of H.248 related contributions in the ftp box for



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