ITU-T SG16 Ottawa - Q.3/16 - Plan to submit proposal for H.248.qhr

Paul E. Jones paulej at
Thu Jul 27 09:45:53 EDT 2006

Dear WP2/16 experts,

Your early registration of participation and input documents is very 
much welcome to seek final approval of the SG16 management to hold 
the Ottawa meeting.

The meeting notice and practical information are available at the avc-site:

For your participation in the meeting, please contact Mr Kevin Boyle 
<kboyle at>.

For submission of your input documents, please contact Mr Paul Jones 
<paulej at>. Important dates are:

  /// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 18 August 2006 ///
  /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 21 August 2006 ///

For those who are involved in the Q1/16 study, please follow the 
reminder by Mr Patrick Luthi:

At 13:03 +0200 06/07/25, Patrick Luthi wrote:
>Dear Q.1 experts,
>Here are some important dates:
>Registration of attendance - by 17 August, to Kevin Boyle 
><kboyle at> (meeting organizer),
>Registration of contributions - by 19 August, to Patrick Luthi 
><patrick.luthi at>
>Distribution of contributions - by 22 August, to 
>Note - Contributions after the above dates are dealt with as "late" 
>and their consideration is up to the meeting.
>The meeting information is available at the following place:
>Early indication of your submission plan is welcome and encouraged, 
>especially since I will be out of the office from 3-16 August and 
>will likely not assign contribution numbers during that time.
>Best regards,
>Patrick Luthi
>Rapporteur of Q.1/16

Best regards,

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