Generic NAT/firewall traversal studies

Christian Groves cngroves at
Sun Feb 12 17:46:45 EST 2006

Dear Mr. Okubo,

With regards to the ETSI Tispan work there are a couple of items
relevant to the NAT/Firewall traversal. They are:

ETSI TS 102 233 "Gate Control Protocol"
ETSI ES 283 018 "RACS: H.248 Profile for the Ia Interface"

The Ia Interface Profile makes reference to H.248.37.

Regards, Christian

OKUBO Sakae wrote:

> Dear Q.5/16 experts,
> At the last Rapporteur meeting in Geneva (28 November - 2 December
> 2005), I undertook to survey the subject studies in other SGs. Here is
> some information as I have collected from the NGN-GSI event last month
> and Study Group documents at the ITU-T site
> <>:
> 1/ SG13
> NGN RACF (Resource and Admission Control Functions) in the transport
> stratum contains such functions as "NAPT control", "Firewall working
> mode selection". A current draft of Recommendation Y.RACF is found as
> TD-WP4-81R2 of SG13 at the 16-27 January 2006 directory.
> It contains definitions of NAP, NAT, NAPT control, NAT traversal in
> Section 3. Section 6.2 is titled "NAPT Control and NAT Traversal
> Mechanisms and Scenarios." Section 9.2 is titled "Procedures for NAPT
> Control and NAT Traversal."
> This work is under Question 4/13 (Requirements and framework for QoS
> for NGN).
> 2/ SG11
> My understanding is that Q.5/11 (Resource control and signalling
> requirements and protocols) deals with the protocols related to RACF.
> Currently the following draft Recommendation is available as
> TD-GEN/11-248 at the 23-27 January 2006 directory of SG11:
> Draft Q.rcp3 − Resource control protocol − Protocol at the Rn/Rw
> (ex-Re) interface
> This should address the NAT/firewall traversal, but I cannot find
> relevant descriptions there. Presumably it would be in "to be worked
> out" status. Other protocols under development are listed in
> TD-PLEN/11-74 of SG11.
> ETSI-TISPN is recommending to reuse its protocols in NGN in its
> liaison to SG11 and SG13 (TD-GEN/11-241), and they would be containing
> the NAT/firewall traversal, I heard. But I cannot spot a particular
> TISPAN specification in that liaison. It was also mentioned that it
> would be H.248 and NSIS related (sorry just key words I caught). We
> got approval of H.248.37 (Gateway control protocol: IP NAPT traversal
> package) from the previous SG16 meeting in July - August 2005.
> Probably Q.3/16 expert (Mr. Schwarz?) could help me to clarify the
> situation.
> 4/ SG9
> It has Recommendation J.192 "A Residential Gateway to support the
> delivery of cable data services" apparently addressing generic
> firewall management solution, managed network address translation
> among other things.

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