Generic NAT/firewall traversal studies

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
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Dear Q.5/16 experts,

At the last Rapporteur meeting in Geneva (28 November - 2 December 
2005), I undertook to survey the subject studies in other SGs. Here 
is some information as I have collected from the NGN-GSI event last 
month and Study Group documents at the ITU-T site 

1/ SG13

NGN RACF (Resource and Admission Control Functions) in the transport 
stratum contains such functions as "NAPT control", "Firewall working 
mode selection". A current draft of Recommendation Y.RACF is found as 
TD-WP4-81R2 of SG13 at the 16-27 January 2006 directory.

It contains definitions of NAP, NAT, NAPT control, NAT traversal in 
Section 3. Section 6.2 is titled "NAPT Control and NAT Traversal 
Mechanisms and Scenarios." Section 9.2 is titled "Procedures for NAPT 
Control and NAT Traversal."

This work is under Question 4/13 (Requirements and framework for QoS for NGN).

2/ SG11

My understanding is that Q.5/11 (Resource control and signalling 
requirements and protocols) deals with the protocols related to RACF. 
Currently the following draft Recommendation is available as 
TD-GEN/11-248 at the 23-27 January 2006 directory of SG11:

Draft Q.rcp3 − Resource control protocol − Protocol at the Rn/Rw 
(ex-Re) interface

This should address the NAT/firewall traversal, but I cannot find 
relevant descriptions there. Presumably it would be in "to be worked 
out" status. Other protocols under development are listed in 
TD-PLEN/11-74 of SG11.


ETSI-TISPN is recommending to reuse its protocols in NGN in its 
liaison to SG11 and SG13 (TD-GEN/11-241), and they would be 
containing the NAT/firewall traversal, I heard. But I cannot spot a 
particular TISPAN specification in that liaison. It was also 
mentioned that it would be H.248 and NSIS related (sorry just key 
words I caught). We got approval of H.248.37 (Gateway control 
protocol: IP NAPT traversal package) from the previous SG16 meeting 
in July - August 2005. Probably Q.3/16 expert (Mr. Schwarz?) could 
help me to clarify the situation.

4/ SG9

It has Recommendation J.192 "A Residential Gateway to support the 
delivery of cable data services" apparently addressing generic 
firewall management solution, managed network address translation 
among other things.

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