Contribution AVD-2874 to Q.5 uploaded

Patrick Luthi patrick.luthi at
Mon Aug 21 05:16:26 EDT 2006

Dear Q.1/16 experts,

The deadline to register contributions was last night at 23.59 and 
this is the current list of registered contributions for the Ottawa 
meeting (29-31 August 2006).

The deadline for submitting your contributions is 23:59 UTC on 
Tuesday 22 August 2006. The documents will be available through this 

Please advise me if your contribution is not listed here:

Q1-F00	Q1/16 Rapporteur	List of Documents for Meeting F of the ITU-T 
SG16 Q.1 Experts Group

Q1-F01	Nortel		Invitation for Questions 1,2,3,4,5,21,22,24,25,29 
Experts Group in Ottawa, Canada
				--> Ott_Invitation.doc

Q1-F02	Q1/16 Rapporteur	Meeting announcement for Meeting F of Q.1/16 
Experts Ottawa, Canada, 29-31 August 2006

Q1-F03	Q1/16 Rapporteur	Meeting report of Working Party 2 of ITU-T 
Study Group 16, Geneva, 3-13 April 2006

Q1-F04	AHG Chair	Report of the H.324 text conversation Ad-hoc Group

Q1-F05	Editors		Draft new H.gamma

Q1-F06	Editor		Draft new H.324 Annex Text Conversation

Q1-F07	Editor		Draft revised T.120

Q1-F08	Editor		Draft revised T.123

Q1-F09	France Telecom	Videotelephony Requirements

Q1-F10	Polycom	Comments on Videotelephony Requirements

Q1-F11	NEC		Comments and proposed clarifications to H.324 Annex K

Q1-F12	PacketVideo	H.324 Annex K - Some issues for discussion

I am looking forward meeting with you in Ottawa next week.

Best regards,

Patrick Luthi
Rapporteur for Q.1/16 

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