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I have assigned AVD-2903 and AVD-2904 to your documents as you have them
ordered below.


The deadline for uploading the documents (or e-mailing them to me) is
Monday, August 21.


Please use this document template as you prepare your contributions:


Other information related to the meeting is here:







From: Shaikh, Viqar A [mailto:vshaikh at] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2006 10:31 AM
To: paulej at
Subject: Q.2/16 Contributions




I will have the following 2 contributions for Q.2/16 meeting.  Please let me
know the logistics, nos., deadline, etc.

1.	Proposed Enhancements to the H.460.4 in Support of
Country/International Network of Call Origination
2.	Enhancements to H.246 in Support of User Priority Level and
Country/International Network of Call Origination Mapping




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