Request for AVD numbers

Paul E. Jones paulej at
Tue Aug 1 12:46:14 EDT 2006


I have allocated numbers as follows:

AVD-2851 Draft new Rec. H.248.tman: Traffic Management Package
AVD-2852 Draft new Rec. H.248.ds: Differentiated Services Package
AVD-2853 Draft new Rec. H.248.mpls: MPLS Package
AVD-2854 Draft new Rec. H.248.vlan: VLAN Package
AVD-2855 Extension for H.248.tman Package: new Packet Size Package
AVD-2856 Draft new Rec. H.248.rsb Package: RTP Specific Behavior Package
AVD-2857 Draft new Rec. H.248.qos Package: QoS Class Package
AVD-2858 Draft new Rec. Pull Mode Package

Can you tell me which of these are editor's documents and which are Alcatel


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> Paul,
> pls allocate numbers to following ALCATEL contributions.
> Thanks,
> Albrecht

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