Question about H.248 Annex F

Christian Groves cngroves at
Sun Oct 9 20:16:43 EDT 2005

G'Day Sasha,

H.248.1 Annex F is meant to contain exactly the same procedures as the 
core H.248.1 servicechange sections. It aims to clarify the existing 
text and not add any new requirements. So Annex F should be valid for 
all versions (1,2,3) with the following caveats:
- We added new service change functionality in H.248.1v3 and this was 
reflected in Annex F this new functionality will not be relevant to v1 
and v2.
- With the advent of v3 we won't be supporting v1 through the 
implementors' guide, so we weren't looking too much Annex F compliance 
with v1 when we were producing the annex.

It won't become part of the implementors guide for v1 and v2 as the core 
H.248.1 specification takes precedence over the Annex. However v1 and v2 
implementors may read H.248.1 v3 annex F for further clarification.

Regards, Christian

Sasha Ruditsky wrote:

> Hi
> In version 3 of H.248.1 the new Annex F was introduced which clarifies 
> ServiceChange procedures.
> Is this annex is expected to affect versions 1 and 2 of H.248, i.e. 
> for example it is going to become part of implementors guide for those 
> versions?
> If the answer is no then what is the expected behavior of the version 
> 1 and 2 H.248 entities relevant to the procedures described in Annex F.
> Thanks,
> Sasha 
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