AVD-2789, 2790 and 2801r1

Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de
Mon Nov 21 05:59:19 EST 2005

Dear WP2/16 experts,

I have uploaded all the documents that I think I have received so far 
at the avc-site:


   user: avguest, password:Avguest

I will continue the process. The list of documents is available as:




Please note that the latter Excel file has incorrect links containing 
a path of my own PC (somehow it sneaks in when reading correctly 
linked html files).

Best regards,

e-mail: sokubo at waseda.jp
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Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
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3-4 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken  Fax: +81 46 847 5413
239-0847 Japan
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