AVD-2816 H.248.SDPSPEC; Re: Documents for the next week

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Tue Nov 22 00:51:56 EST 2005

Dear WP2/16 experts,

I have received that attached message from Mr. Yushi Naito, WP1/16 
Chair. The document referred to has been uploaded as:


for your consideration.

Best regards,

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At 16:49 +0900 05/11/21, Y. NAITO wrote:
>Dear Sakae and Istvan,
>When I attended SG12 meeting ( 17-21 October), I found that level 
>matching between NB and WB speech signals had became their dilemma 
>as can be found in TD 25 Rev.1/(WP1/12) attached to this document 
>(highlited two places in yellow).
>Mr. Monfort asked me to check whether we (WP1/16 & SG12) can 
>collaborate with on this issue, and I had already raised this issue 
>at Q.15-Q.18 Experts meetings in Newport Beach last week,
>But I think basically this issue should be more relevant to WP2/16, 
>probablly on voice mixing function in teleconference sysytem 
>(Multipoint Control Unit ? if I remember correctly).  As for WP3/16, 
>Claude & Paul were also attending the meeting and should have been 
>already aware of this issue.
>So I would like to raise your attention on this issue. SG12 will 
>appreciate if you could make useful comments or suggestions on this 
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