Uploaded Proposal AVD-2808.zip Modifications to the H.323 Alternate Gatekeeper Fallback enhancement

Ivan Varghis (ivarghis) ivarghis at cisco.com
Mon Nov 21 01:16:10 EST 2005

Dear Q.1/16 experts,

The deadline to register contributions was last night at 23.59 and 
this is the current list of registered contributions for the Geneva 
meeting (30 Nov.-2 Dec. 2005).

The deadline for submitting your contributions is 23:59 UTC on 
Wednesday 23 November 2005. The documents will be available through 
this URL:  http://ftp3.itu.int/av-arch/lbc-site/0511_Geneva/

Please advise me if your contribution is not listed here:

Q1-E00	Q1/16 Rapporteur	List of Documents for Meeting E of the
SG16 Q.1 Experts Group

Q1-E01				N/A

Q1-E02	Q1/16 Rapporteur	Meeting announcement for Meeting E of
Geneva, Switzerland, 30 November-2 December 2005

Q1-E03	Q1/16 Rapporteur	Meeting report of Working Party 2 of ITU-T

Study Group 16, Geneva, 26 July-5 August 2005

Q1-E04	PacketVideo		Fast Media: An enhancement to H.324 call

Q1-E05	PacketVideo		A Comparison of H.324 Fast Call Setup

Q1-E06	Polycom		Extensions and Clarifications for H.241

Q1-E07	Polycom		Proposed draft revised H.241

Q1-E08	Tandberg		Additional Computationally Efficient Mode

Q1-E09	Tandberg		Proposed changes to H.241 to support ACEM
in H.32x systems

Q1-E10	Radvision		ACN Tests Results

Q1-E11	Confluent Video		Capability and command for H.264 
motion_vectors_over_pic_boundaries_flag in H.241 and H.245

Q1-E12	Nokia			Reference picture selection signaling for
H.264 -- a 
fast way forward

Q1-E13	Radvision		ACN Overview

Q1-E14	Radvision		FSS Analysis

Q1-E15	Radvision		ACN/FSS Comparative information

Q1-E16	Dilithium Networks	Proposal of a Simplified Fast Session
Procedure to H.324

Q1-E17	Dilithium Networks	Fast Session Setup Operational Overview

Q1-E18	Dilithium Networks	Proposal of an Inferred Session Setup 
Procedure to H.324

Q1-E19	Dilithium Networks	A Discussion of Fast Session Setup

Q1-E20	Dilithium Networks	A Discussion of Fast Media

Q1-E21	Dilithium Networks	Proposal of H.245 Message Grouping for

Q1-E22	3GPP TSG SA		LS on call setup time

Q1-E23	PacketVideo		On the coexistence of Fast Media and ACN

I am looking forward meeting with you in Geneva next week.

Best regards,

Patrick Luthi
Rapporteur for Q.1/16 

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