[Reminder] Registration for the Geneva meeting (28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2005)

Seong-Ho Jeong shjeong at hufs.ac.kr
Sun Nov 6 05:11:55 EST 2005

Dear Q.1 experts,

A message from Seong-Ho Jeong, who is also the meeting organizer for 
the Q.1 Rapporteur meeting. Please note that Q.1 is meeting on 30 
Nov.-2 Dec. while the other questions will meet the entire week.

Registration of attendance - by November 18, to Seong-Ho Jeong 
<shjeong at hufs.ac.kr> (meeting organizer),
by using the registration form at:

Best regards,

Patrick Luthi
Rapporteur for Q.1/16

>Dear Experts,
>Just a friendly reminder-- if you have not registered for the upcoming
>Rapporteur's meeting of ITU-T SG16 Questions 2,3,4,5,21,22,24,25, and
>(and you've not received a reply from me acknowledging your message),
>send me a message to let me know you will be attending. Early
>of your attendance is welcome and encouraged. The meeting announcement
>be found at:
>Best regards,
>Seong-Ho Jeong
>Rapporteur of Q.24 (Meeting Organizer)

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