Request for document registration

OKUBO Sakae okubo at MXZ.MESH.NE.JP
Fri Nov 11 02:21:39 EST 2005

Dear Mr. Blin, Mr. Lindbergh and Mr. Hunt,

Thank you for your helpful indications. The following AVD-numbers 
have been allocated to your contributions:

At 13:31 +0100 05/11/10, BLIN Jean-Pierre RD-MAPS-ISS wrote:
>I intend to improve my previous contribution entitled "International 
>IP based video-telephony service" for the Rapporteur's meeting in 
>The title should remain the same except if you prefer that a number 
>is added to avoid any confusion between the different versions.

==> AVD-2771

At 09:59 -0500 05/11/10, Dave Lindbergh wrote:
>Polycom will have at least one contribution for Q2:
>         Tentative title: "On Extension of H.245 User Input Indication"

==> AVD-2772

At 17:46 +0000 05/11/10, <geoff.hunt at> wrote:
>BT will submit a contribution, provisionally titled "Proposal for new
>Recommendation H.248.xnq:  H.248 Extended Network Quality Metrics
>Package for NGNs."

==> AVD-2773

The list of registered documents have been updated :

I have also received indications about ten contributions on H.248 
from Alcatel, one from NTT on videotelephony and a couple of 
H.325/NGN related ones from Cisco.

Best regards,

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