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Dear SG16 experts,

Please find attached after my signature Mr. Campos-Neto's message on 
SG16 activities related to NGN that are scheduled on 19-20 January 
2006. The two circulars referred to have been placed as TD-19 and 
TD-20 at the avc-site. They are our meetings, not someone else's with 
our participation. Their organization is one of the topics at the 
coming Rapporteur meeting in Geneva.

Best regards,

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>Subject: Update on the ITU-T NGN Global Standards Initiative
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>Dear colleagues,
>In addition to TSB Circular 47 announcing the creation of the NGN GSI,
>please note that TSB Circular 48
>has been issued for the "NGN-GSI Event" to take place in January 06.
>The SG 16 Management decided to hold several SG 16 sessions during 
>the event, to profit of the SG 11, 13 and 19 presentce to further 
>assert the SG 16 role in NGN development.
>For such, we envisage activities of Q.21 and Q.22 on Arhitecture and 
>Services issues (Home networking and H.325) on Thu 19 Jan 06, Q.23 
>(on media coding for NGN) on the morning of Fri 20 Jan 06, Q.25 
>(jointly with relevant Qs in SG 13, and Q.29 with relevant Qs in SG 
>19. We have not explicitly mentioned Q.26, even though there is the 
>possibility for joint session with Q.s of SG 13. Please note that 
>the afternoon of Fri 20 Jan 06 is reserved for a general meeting 
>where the plans for the progress of the NGN work in ITU-T will be 
>laid out. So it is a unique opportunity to get involved.
>Please circulate the relevant information to your groups.
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