2 further LS from TISPAN; Re: Request for document registration

Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de
Tue Nov 15 05:59:40 EST 2005

I just checked incoming LS's from ETSI TISPAN:

AVD-2748 is the LS from TISPAN#08 meeting.

There are two further incoming Liaison's from TISPAN#08bis to Q3/16:
08bTD323.doc LS from WG3 to SG16 relating to MGC Information Package
08bTD325.doc LS from WG3 to SG16 relating to Dynamic Codecs in H.248 SDP

Could you pls register, too?


                      OKUBO Sakae

                      <okubo at MXZ.MESH.         To:      Yangbo Lin
<linyangbo at huawei.com>                                       
                      NE.JP>                   cc:      ITU-T SG16
<itu-sg16 at external.cisco.com>                                
                                               Subject: Re: Request for
document registration                                   
                      14.11.2005 10:29


Dear Mr. Lin and Mr. Jinzenji,

In response to your request, the following AVD-numbers have been
thankfully allocated to your input documents:

At 02:00 -0500 05/11/14, Yangbo Lin wrote:
>There are 6 contributions from Huawei for the coming ITU-T SG16
>rapporteur meeting, the provisional titles as follow:

AVD-2781 Requirement for real-time acquisition & analysis of existing
capability about QoS
AVD-2782 New package H.248.ERTP to support periodic AuditValue about QoS
AVD-2783 New package H.248.QOSPR to support periodic Notify about QoS
AVD-2784 Universal resetting mechanism for in-service parameter
AVD-2785 Gate Control mechanism for IP domain connection
AVD-2786 Revised draft of new H.PROXY

At 17:49 +0900 05/11/14, Hiroshi Jinzenji wrote:
>Interoperability issue of SIP-based video terminal in Japan

==> AVD-2787

The list of registered documents has been updated accordingly:


Best regards,

e-mail: sokubo at waseda.jp
Visiting Professor
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
Waseda University, YRP Ichibankan 312        Tel: +81 46 847 5406
3-4 Hikarinooka, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken  Fax: +81 46 847 5413
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