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>Subject: [vceg] Q.21/16 session in Strasbourg
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>Thread-Topic: Q.21/16 session in Strasbourg
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>Dear Colleagues,
>Sorry if you’ve already seen this once. You may be interested to 
>know that there will now be a Q.21/16 session in Strasbourg in 
>parallel to the WP3 questions.
>Best regards,
>Dear All,
>in order to progress our discussion on "MM over NGN" and to further 
>develop the baseline document as well as the draft Rec H.saarch, I 
>have after consultation with SG16 management team, decided to hold 
>an additional Q 21/16 meeting collocated with the WP3-Questions 
>meeting in Strasbourg.
>Since "MM over NGN" is of general interest for all questions in 
>SG16, the meeting in Strasbourg will, in addition to progress the 
>work in general, allow the experts of WP3 to express their views on 
>the ongoing work under Q21/16.
>Regarding the logistics, Question 21/16 will meet on Tuesday 5 April 
>2005 and on Wednesday 6 April 2005 at the same venue as the other 
>WP3 questions.
>Please refer to TSB-Collective letter 1/16 and to the link on the 
>SG16 website  for more information.
>In particular, you are kindly requested to send the hotel 
>registration form (Annex 4 to TSB-Collective letter 1/16) as soon as 
>possible, since the number of rooms reserved in advance is limited.
>The draft agenda for the meeting is as follows:
>Draft Agenda for Q21/16 meeting, 5-6 April 2005, Strasbourg/France:
>1. Opening (objectives of the meeting)
>2. Approval of the agenda
>3. Documentation
>4. Review of the Status of the NGN-Work in ITU-T:
>4.1 FG NGN
>4.2 SG13
>4.3 NGN-Workshop (Korea, 14-15 March 2005)
>4.4 Next steps (After Release 1)
>5. Review of input from other SDOs (e.g. ETSI, ATIS)
>6. Review of the outcome of the Melbourne meeting on Q21/16
>7. Discussion on new contributions
>8. Further development of "MM over NGN" Baseline document
>9. Further development of H.saarch
>10. Future work in SG16
>11. NGN Coordination with other SGs and other SDOs (e.g. IETF)
>12. Miscellaneous
>13. Closing
>In order to organise the Q21/16 meeting, you are kindly requested to 
>confirm your participation and to announce any contributions you 
>would like to submit to the rapporteurs with a copy of your message 
>to the management team of SG16. The deadline for submitting the 
>contribution is Friday, 1st of April 2005.
>Best regards
>SG 16 Chairman
>Check out the IMTC Current News and Events!
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