V.152, 7.1.1: Clarification on Reserve Properties Mechanism for H.248-controlled VBDoIP

Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de
Fri Jul 29 11:43:07 EDT 2005

Hi, Sasha and experts,


Regarding to the presentation of the contribution D.162 at the Q.2 meeting
today, I searched too quickly to the ASN.1 structure.   Instead, the
issues that I found to adding the proposed GenericInformation field to
UserInputIndication and EndSessionCommand messages should not have
"SEQUENCE OF".  Reasons are:


-          as GenericInformation is equivalent to GenericMessage or
similar to GenericCapability, indeed no other CHOICE structure using it

-          The use of GenericInformation in UserInputIndication and
EndSessionCommand messages are also expected to be declared in
TerminalCapabilitySet.  Since each GenericInformation message has its own
messageIdentifier, if "SEQUENCE OF" exists, the same message can have more
than one modes simultaneously, causing confusion and potentially
interoperability problem.  If more than one modes are expected, a nested
GenericParameter could be specified.


Therefore, I think it is not suitable to use "SEQUENCE OF" for the
proposed GenericInformation in UserInputIndication and EndSessionCommand


Please let me know if you have the same view.



Best Regards,


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