FW: RFC 4123 on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-H.323 Interwork

Euchner Martin martin.euchner at SIEMENS.COM
Fri Jul 8 03:40:01 EDT 2005

Dear Sasha and other NAT/firewall traversal experts,

When I reported the Q.5 progress at the recent Japan national meeting 
for the coming SG16 meeting, Mr. Hideaki Yamada, KDDI, pointed out 
that G.769/Y.1242 (Circuit multiplication equipment optimized for 
IP-based networks) uses the following RTP multiplexing:

1/ Ordinary RTP header is used with a particular payload type.
2/ Inside the RTP payload, multiple voice, facsimile and voice band 
data channels are multiplexed with the "short packet" structure.

A relevant part excerpt of G.769 is attached.

Since G.769 is under the responsibility of WP1/16, we should at least 
be aware of this method of media signal multiplexing. I do not have a 
particular reason to make alignment between H.ma and G.769 due to 
their different requirements. But if there is anything good for our 
NAT/firewall traversal solution, please take that into account.

Best regards,

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