SG16 meeting during 26 July - 5 August

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What is the last date to submit the document? 


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Dear WP2/16 experts,

At 22:49 -0400 05/07/11, OKUBO Sakae wrote:
>2/ Documents for the meeting
>Since this meeting is of Study Group level, all the documents are 
>handled by TSB, not by a Rapporteur.
>However, you may wish to upload your documents to the avc-site for 
>advance review by the experts. In that case, place your document at:
>user: avguest
>password: Avguest
>or email it to me, then I will move it to:
>user: avguest
>password: Avguest

I have placed the documents provided so far at the above place. You can
see their index at:

I will continue to upload whatever advised to facilitate your advance
review, but without individual announcements.

Best regards,

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