H.248.36 pre-comments; Re: H.248.1v3 additions and issues (Wednesday 27/07/05)

Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de Albrecht.Schwarz at alcatel.de
Thu Jul 28 03:42:21 EDT 2005

FYI, just in advance of the meeting discussion, some comments (see change

Comments by ALCATEL (A. Schwarz, July 27, 2005):
1.    definition proposal for "hanging Termination"
2.    further applicability statement

(See attached file: T05-SG16-050726-TD-WP2-0124 Draft new


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                                               Subject: Re: H.248.1v3
additions and issues (Wednesday 27/07/05)                       

According to my notes, we made the following decisions yesterday which
are reflected in the attachment:

- D-142 accepted subject to corrections.

- D-143, D-144 no impact for differing reasons.

- D-145 accepted with the change that the default logic is AND as stated
in D-142.  Also may have potential problem with token collision.

- D-146 rejected in favour of adding EOL (CR and/or LF) to quotedString=
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