Proposal to support AMR codec in H.245 using RFC3267

Even, Roni roni.even at
Tue Jan 25 03:12:02 EST 2005

I just scanned through the draft. I noticed that there is no full
mapping of the SDP parameters from RFC3267 to generic parameters. Is
there a reason for the difference.
I think that there should be some text that will explain the
relationship to H.245 annex I.
Roni Even 

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Subject: Proposal to support AMR codec in H.245 using RFC3267

Dear SG16 experts,

I would like the attached proposal to be submitted to next meeting of
group to be held at
Melbourne in February last week, 2005.

Before I submit the proposal formally, I would like to get some early 
feedback on the proposal
from experts in the group.

Can you please review the document and let me know your comments?

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